4 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep In 2020 – Men’s Fashion Trends 2020

What are the 4 men’s fashion trends to keep in 2020? 2019 has come and gone, we are now in 2020. Since we are already in 2020 one of the things that most people are looking forward to, especially me is fashion, the fashion that comes with 2020.

4 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep In 2020

4 Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep In 2020

Normally when a new year comes or begins, the fashion and most of the things about it changes. But one of the things to always look out for is the fashion trend from the previous year that rolls over to the New Year. It always happens and in the case of this New Year, nothing changes. Luckily for fashion enthusiasts all over the world, this year has seen one of the biggest trends spills ever.  We will be looking at the best fashion spillovers of the year.

Commando Soles

Personally I think this is one of the top fashion spillovers of the year and I don’t think it will be going away anytime soon. There has been a bold surge in men’s footwear. Men’s footwear is now moving from simplicity towards bulkiness. This is very evident in the sneaker world over the years and this trend in 2019 has seen it take a hold of our boots and brogues too. The commando soles are a bold and bulky style and have a way of altering the look of a shoe completely.

Tailoring and Knitwear

This is one of the hottest fashion tailoring trends of 2019 this trend was all over the place last year complementing the general loosening up of dress codes. These are just more than a trend as they are here to stay.  Shirts are now being replaced with roll necks or turtle necks. This trend has looked set to become one of the basic fashion trends of modern men’s wear. The beauty of this trend is in its wearing. And as long as you stick to the right pieces, then you are in a position to nailing it. The most important piece of this trend is the roll neck.

Weather Proof Sneakers

One of the disadvantages of wearing sneakers is having to ruin their sneakers in adverse weather conditions. Thankfully, 2019 came with a solution to this age-old problem. With the introduction of Gore-Tex sneakers, every brand out there has experimented on it and we still can’t get enough. This has led to the rejuvenation of classic sneakers. Styling them on your wears totally depends on the type you buy.

Loosening Ups

Hugging fits outfits are gradually being pushed out of fashion. Imagine having to wear clinging outfits all through the day? This new fashion trend that has spilled over from the previous year will introduce a breath of fresh air, not only to our testicles but also to our wardrobes. This fashion trend is inspired by ‘90s outwear.

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