How to Block a Number on a Cell Phone – Block Numbers On iOS And Android Devices

Do you want to know how to block a number on a cell phone? If you are then you are lucky. This is because this article is all about blocking numbers on different cell phone operators such as the android and iOS device operating systems. To get the full information and steps on blocking numbers on cell phones, then you need to continue reading this article and do so to the end.

How to Block a Number on a Cell Phone

How to Block a Number on a Cell Phone

Blocking of numbers on smartphones is one of the easiest things to do, but only if you know how to. There are various reasons as to why one would decide to block a number. You might have an ex who just won’t stop calling or texting. Or scammers on the other hand who just won’t stop calling either.

You just might have been keeping up with these calls, but how much longer can you take these unsolicited calls? Uh? Not much I guess. Now when you have decided that it is enough, you know it’s time to block these numbers. In a bit, I will be giving you various steps to carry out in other to block these numbers successfully and stop getting unwanted calls and messages on your cell.

Steps to Block Numbers on Your Cell Phone or Smartphone Device

There are various steps to carry out in blocking numbers on your device. The first step to take in other to get this done in my opinion is to register your line on the national do not call registry. On this platform, you can register your number and add up to three numbers at once you do not want to call you anymore. You can also check this platform if someone has included your number on his or her not call list.

To register on this platform you will also add your email address besides your phone number, to confirm your registration. When you register your number on this platform it will take up to 24 hours before your number will be added. But it will take up to 31 days before these unsolicited calls will stop coming through.

How to Block Numbers On iOS Devices

The steps of blocking numbers on smartphones vary from iOS devices to android devices.  To block a number in your contact list in an iOS device, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Settings menu on your device.
  • Select ‘phone’.
  • Select call blocking and identification.
  • Scroll down and tap on block contact.

This action will bring up your contact list. You can then scroll through your list and choose those contacts you want to block. To block this number from texting you, tap on settings > messages > blocked > add new. To block on FaceTime, go to settings > FaceTime > blocked > add new. Select the name(s) to block.

How to Block Numbers on Android Devices

With android devices, there is more freedom when carrying out this operation than iOS devices. With android devices, it may also vary from different operating systems. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Tap on the phone number.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the drop-down list and tap on to block the call.

You can also tap on the ellipsis icon on the other hand and select block numbers.

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