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Do you want to know how to make 3d pictures on Facebook android? Just recently there has been a buzz on the Facebook social media platform, and do you know what this is? It’s all about 3d pictures. Ir just seems that everyone posing or uploading a picture on the platform wants to make use of this 3d picture format. Now, here is the thing about this feature, some persons have gotten a hold of it and are making use of it already, while on the other hand there are those who have seen it and still haven’t gotten a grasp on it. If you want to know what these 3d pictures are and how to make them then you need to continue reading this article.

How to Make 3D Pictures on Facebook Android

How to Make 3D Pictures on Facebook Android

Normally making 3d pictures on android devices isn’t as easy as making them with iOS devices. Although there are some higher versions of android that supports this picture format, not all support it, unlike its iOS device counterpart. Now besides this being a device camera feature, Facebook has made one of its features. Just recently Facebook made a huge upgrade to its mobile app. The huge upgrade here is that they introduced this amazing feature that has been making the rounds recently, “3D photos”. With these 3D photos feature on Facebook users can now share special moments and memories on the platform in a fun-filled and more lifelike form.

Here is how this Facebook feature works. This Facebook feature captures the distance between the subject in the foreground and the background. This feature actually brings our pictures to life. If you haven’t made use of this feature before, then you should. 3D photos feature on Facebook brings still, depth and motion to your pictures. There is no exception to this feature on Facebook. Whether it is a show of your workspace or you are on vacation, this feature is the ideal photo feature to make your photos come alive and more interesting when you upload them on the Facebook social media platform.

Steps on Making 3D Pictures on Facebook

If your mobile device doesn’t have a 360 photo mode yet, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I will be giving you the steps on how to do this on your device via Facebook as this Facebook feature is now available to everyone on the platform. To make 3D photos on Facebook follow the steps below;

On Android

  • Open the app on your android device.
  • On your newsfeed tap on the “what’s on your mind” box.
  • Scroll down and select “3D photo” from the list of options.
  • Select “photo” and preview it in 3D.
  • Add a caption if you so wish.
  • Hit on the share button to share to your Facebook timeline.

That’s all about making 3D photos via the Facebook app on android.

On iPhones

  • Open the app on your device.
  • Create post.
  • Tap on the post menu icon to see post options.
  • Tap on “3D photo” to open the iPhone portraits folder.
  • Choose a photo and preview it in 3D.
  • Add a caption if you choose to.
  • Hit the share button to share to your Facebook timeline.

Although this works on both android and iPhone devices, this feature works better on dual-lens camera devices that iPhones possess. A very popular android device with a dual-lens camera is the Xiaomi device.  Get an iPhone or this android device in order to get your 3D photos today. Here is how this feature works. When you snap the shot through Facebook, Facebook then uses AI to build out the said image.

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