Is Gmail Encrypted – How Does Gmail Encryption Works

Is Gmail encrypted? This is a serious question and should not be taken lightly. With the consequent threat of hackers and government spying, cybersecurity is and should be a major concern for everyone, organizations alike. This is where Gmail encryption comes into play. Tons and tons of emails are being sent and received every day. Most of these emails mostly contain vital information that if in the wrong hands become costly. It is therefore wise that we do everything possible to keep our emails safe. As an internet user, one thing that comes to my mind every time I want to go online is my privacy. Email leak has caused some real problems in the past and it will continue to cause real danger if nothing is done about it.

Is Gmail Encrypted - How Does Gmail Encryption Works

Is Gmail Encrypted?

Due to the continuous hacks and violations of our privacy most organizations online platforms have made cybersecurity their number one priority. There are lots of email service platforms in the world today and they are all making and taking steps towards ensuring that the mails and privacy of their customers are safe, un-hackable and un-spyable.

Before I go any further in this article, I would love to ask, do you know what encryption means? The term encryption is an easy-to-understand one. Not everyone knows what it means. Therefore for the benefits of those who don’t know what encryption means, here it is. Encryption is just a process of converting all sorts of information into a form of a code. This is done to prevent unauthorized access of course.

Now you know what encryption means. Just as I have said earlier, there are lots of emailing service platforms in the world today, and users are cautious in selecting emailing platforms to make use of. Gmail or Google mail which is undoubtedly the largest emailing platform in the world is not left out of this debacle.

As a user, it is very necessary and important to check the security level of a platform before you make use of it. If you are the one who does not take things like this serious you can, of course, leave it out. Now to answer the question which we all have been waiting for, “is Gmail encrypted”? The answer to the latter is a capital YES! Gmail is, of course, encrypted. But there is a thing or two you need to know about how the Gmail encryption works.

How Does Gmail Encryption Works

Encryption, as we all know, helps scrambles information in messages that can only be accessed by people with a unique code key. It is no longer a secret that Google encrypts its messages, but how does Gmail encryption work. The answer to if Gmail is encrypted is kind of both yes and no. there is something called end-end encryption. This means that both the sender and the receiver both have email encryption software. 

When the sender and the receiver are both Gmail users, then there is an end to end encryption. But when the receiver or the sender is using a different emailing platform, one cannot be that sure. If the other person is using a service without encryption, then your email will be exposed to all kinds of threats.

Google uses transport layer security (TLS) to encrypt incoming and outgoing emails. This is done automatically. But this will only work perfectly when the email providers of both parties are making use of TLS. Just to clear your curiosity. Gmail’s are encrypted but Gmail does not have an end to end encryption unless some criteria are met. Which you have obviously learned of in this article.

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