Netflix Good Movies – Top Ten Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Do you know what Netflix good movies are? Well, personally I think this is a difficult one. The reason for this is not farfetched. If you have made use of the Netflix platform before, then you will find out that picking a good movie on the Netflix platform is a mission impossible. All the movies and series on this platform are good, exceptionally good, I tell you. Sometimes it baffles me when people tell me they have favorites on the Netflix platform. From original movies to unoriginal movies on Netflix, every movie is really good. Indeed the Netflix platform is really worth the hype.

Netflix Good movies - Top Ten Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Netflix Good Movies

Have you ever thought about how some persons have favorites on the platform? At first as a first time user, after my first few weeks making use of the platform, I thought of this. I was having problems selecting programs to stream. Are you surprised? It’s just like trying out a great restaurant out for the first time. But you do know that we all have our favorite eventually, and these may range from our love for different types of genres of movies. Some people actually love action, some prefer drama, others, comedy, Sci-Fi and so much more. This is where having favorites on the platform comes in.

How to Access Good Movies on the Netflix Platform

This is way too easy. You need to be a registered user on the Netflix platform before you can get access to anything on the platform including movies. If you do not have an account with Netflix you cannot access movies on the platform. To access movies on Netflix you need to create an account now. Follow the steps below to create a Netflix account;

  • Go to Netflix.
  • Click on the “get 30 days free trial” tab.
  • On the next page follow the on-screen instructions to create your account.

You will have to complete a three-step process or procedure to create your account. Also, you can create a Netflix account via the Netflix mobile app on your mobile device. You can download this app on the Google play store on your android device or on the apple app store on your iOS device.

The Top Ten Movies to Stream on Netflix Right Now

Selecting the top ten movies on Netflix as of this moment is really difficult, but I had to come up with the list anyways. This list is compiled based on views and reviews on the movie. These movies also are different from one another in terms of genres. Below is a list of the top ten movies to stream on Netflix right now;

  • Wind River (2017).
  • Hell or high water (2016).
  • Apollo 13 (1995).
  • All the president’s men (1976).
  • The wave (2016).
  • The lobster (2015).
  • Boyhood (2014).
  • Locke (2013).
  • Scarface (1983).
  • Quiz show (1994).

The list above comprises of the top ten movies to stream on the Netflix platform right now. But you should know that the list above is a personal list. It is although based on viewer engagement. You need to check out these amazing movies on the platform right now. So if you know you do not have an account on Netflix, create one now.


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