Online Learning – E-Learning | How Does E-Learning Work

What is online learning? I bet you don’t know. If you know what online learning is have you ever thought of trying it out? In this article, I will be explaining n depth to us what online learning is, its benefits and everything we need to know about it. The ways of teaching and learning have no ben revolutionized and if you don’t know about this then you are a long way behind. But not to worry, this article is all you need right now. All you need to do is to read this content from the beginning to the end so as to get the required knowledge on online learning.

Online Learning - E-Learning | How Does E-Learning Work

Online Learning

What is online learning? Do you know? Before I go down further into this article I will like to tell you all that e-learning is. Online learning can also be referred to as one of the numerous forms of distant learning. Online learning is also known or can also be referred to as e-learning. This is the type of education that takes place over the internet hence its name online learning. This type of learning does not take place in the traditional classroom we all know about. This type of education has been gaining steady popularity over the decade and the trend is only expected to grow.

Just as I have mentioned earlier, technology has now revolutionalized how people learn. Due to these technologies, some barriers to learning have been cut off. For one learning and teaching are no longer confined to the classroom. People can now earn from anywhere they are as long as they are online. There are now toolboxes that can be used to propagate this type of learning.

How Does E-Learning Work

Online learning works in a similar fashion as the traditional system of learning. There are a few notable differences though. With e-learning, you don’t have to be confined to a classroom. Every degree offered in colleges and traditional schools can now be gotten online. E-learning is not a program in itself rather it is a form or mode of taking courses that are required for a degree.

This system of learning follows the same academic calendar as campus-based courses. People often think e-learning is a simple form of learning. I am an online student, therefore I will be writing to you via experience. E-learning is just as vigorous and difficult as a traditional system of learning. Do you know that online courses often require more reading and writing? Yes, if you never knew, now you know.

Tips for Online learning

Here are some tips for students learning via online platforms;

  • Confirm your username and password. This is because this is the most import part of e-learning. Without these two accessing your courses and portal becomes impossible.
  • Make sure you check in your student’s portal within the first two days of resumption.
  • Always follow instructions from your instructor. This can be done by reading the syllabuses carefully for each course.
  • Tour through your online classes so as to not be left behind.
  • Always check in your portal to be up to date on important pieces of information.
  • Contact the course instructor through established means of communication whenever you have a concern or question.

These are some useful tips to employ as an e-learning student.

Benefits of Online Learning

There are many benefits associated with learning online. Do you know that the worldwide e-learning market is estimated to be worth 235 billion USD in 2025? In 2017 alone, approximately 77% of US corporations used online or e-learning. Also in 2017, 27% of US companies offered e-learning via smartphones. His form of learning has unsurprisingly led to an increase in income for 42% of US organizations.  Below are some of the benefits of e-learning;

  • There are a variety of programs and courses to choose from.
  • The cost of e-learning is low compared to traditional learning.
  • With e-learning, you can learn from anywhere. This system of learning thereby provides a more comfortable learning environment. You choose the place and where to learn.
  • It is more convenient and flexible to learn online.
  • Due to natural phenomena such as thunderstorms and snowstorms traditional colleges may cancel lectures, but with e-learning, it is the complete opposite.
  • You can work while you go to school at the same time. I personally think that this is the most important benefit of studying and learning online.

These are some of the benefits of studying online. I hope with these benefits you will make up your mind on studying online.

Top Ten Sites for Online Learning

Normally there are lots of online platforms with which people can easily study online. I will be giving you a list shortly on the top ten online learning platforms and you can find them below;

This is my personal list of the top e-learning platforms in the world right now. Do well to integrate yourself with one of these platforms and start leaning. Trust me you will find learning interesting.

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