Pandora Radio – How Does the Pandora Radio Platform Works

What is Pandora radio? On hearing of this name, one might easily mistake It as Pandora from Greek mythology. Pandora radio is quite different. If you want to know what this platform is all about and how it works, then you need to read this article carefully. Do you know of the Spotify platform and other platforms like the iheart radio platform? If you know of these platforms then you are on course of understanding what this platform is all about. The Pandora radio platform is an online music streaming platform. On this platform you cannot download songs, rather you can only stream and buy songs.

Pandora Radio - How Does the Pandora Radio Platform Works

Pandora Radio

Do you know what Pandora radio is? Pandora popularly known as just Pandora or Pandora media is an American music streaming and automatic music recommendation internet radio platform. The serves rendered by this platform is powered by the music genome project. Do you know what a music genome project is? If you do not know what a music genome project is, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

In the course of this article, everything you need to know about the music genome project will be out listed. Although I am not writing about the music genome project, it is an important part of this article. If you do not have a basic knowledge as to what this is you won’t know about the Pandora radio platform is, what it is all about and how it works.

What Is the Music Genome Project?

The music genome project is a very important music project in music. This is one of the most recent projects when it comes to music and songs. It is not new and it isn’t that old. It has been around for some time now. Personally I think this is the most important project ever done when it comes to online music streaming.

The reason for this project is to capture the essence of music. Now to make light of the whole matter, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been listening to a song on the radio, and you don’t like it compared to the previous song you heard? Well, this is where the music genome project comes in. this project is here to tackle such problems. This project helps to capture songs ineptly using over 450 attributes in describing them. It also uses a complex mathematical method in arranging and organizing them.

With this project, users of the Pandora radio platform will have the power and ability to listen to the type of songs they like. Here they don’t have to select these songs manually in order to listen to these songs. Arranging and organizing of these songs are being done automatically. Whenever you select a song to listen to, the music genome project helps you arrange other similar songs that will play immediately after that one. That’s all this project is all about.

The music genome project is currently made up of 5 sub-genomes which are pop/rock, hip/hop/electronica, jazz, world music and classical. In conclusion, this music tool helps collect songs that are similar in characteristics such as gender of lead vocalist, distortion of the electric guitar, background vocals and so much more.

How Does the Pandora Radio Platform Works

Are you looking for new ideas in terms of songs for your music list? Well now that you know what the Pandora radio platform is, I think you have an answer to the above question. The Pandora radio offers a fermium service. By fermium service I mean the platform is free to use but you can upgrade by subscribing to a premium service to get access to other features the platform has to offer.

This platform will give you ideas based on what you like and in the process saving you lots of time and resources. This platform works in similar ways as other music streaming platforms, but it is quite different. The platform as I have said is similar to other online music streaming platforms, but it works differently and separately. This platform does not make use of the concept of genres but makes use of the music genome project system. The genome system used in the Pandora radio platform uses 400 musical attributes covering qualities such as harmony, rhythm, melody, composition, form, and lyrics. You won’t find Latin or classical songs on the Pandora platform yet but you will find other music types on the platform.

On Pandora’s platform if you are visiting for the first time, you will see the player first. To get started with the platform, type in the name of a song or enter an artist’s name. After typing the name, click on create. After creating this radio station on the platform, it will only play songs that are similar to the artist or song you entered. For instance, if you typed or entered “2 Pac” and create. This means that you have created a radio station already that will only play “2 Pac” songs and other songs that re related to 2pac songs.

Pandora Radio Feedback

The platform is not all about playing songs we like, this platform also wants feedback. With the feedback, Pandora will be able to refine stations created by users. On the platform you can like, dislike, give thumbs up or thumbs down. This is the kind of feedback the platform works with. To give a thumbs down on a song, left-click on the album art and choose thumbs down, “I don’t like it” option. Once this is done Pandora will never play that particular song again and will also play similar songs less.

Giving thumbs up on a song will have opposite effects thereby playing that particular song and similar songs more often. The whole idea about the feedback on Pandora is to give the platform more info on what people actually like and dislikes. With time users get to hear only songs they like on the platform due to feedback. The process is a gradual one, so you have to be patient with it and always give feedback.

Features of the Pandora Radio

By now we should probably know most if not all of the Pandora radio platforms. If you still haven’t gotten a grasp on what the platform is all about, here are the features of the platform;

  • Users can add more than one song to a station.
  • Add songs to favorite lists so the platform can easily keep track of what we like and what we don’t like.
  • You can share stations with friends on and off the platform via email invites and links.
  • You can buy music and songs from this platform.
  • The platform has a simple interface, so users can easily minimize the platform so as to get other things done on their computers.
  • You can create up to 100 stations on the platform.
  • You can register for an RSS feed so as to keep track of what your friends are listening to on the platform.
  • Also, you can link to Pandora stations from your blog.

Now with the features of this platform, you can easily know what the platform is all about.

Pandora Mobile App

This platform cannot only be accessed via PCs. There is a mobile application for mobile devices too. So if you have a mobile app you can proceed to get this amazing platform’s app on your device and not feel left out. Do you know that most Pandora users don’t know if there is a mobile app for the platform? There is a mobile app for Pandora. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This app is also available for tablets.

How to Download the Pandora Mobile App

The Pandora mobile app is easy to download. You can download and install this app on your device from your devices app store. On Android devices, the app can be gotten from the Google play store and on iOS devices, it can be gotten from the apple play store. To download this app follow, the steps below;

  • On your device go to the app store.
  • On your devices app store, search for Pandora radio via the search bar.
  • Tap on the install tab next to the app on your search results.

The app will be downloaded to your device almost immediately. It is important for you to know that Pandora radio is only available in the USA. If you are not in the US region you will have restricted access to this platform. This tool will be available to other parts of the world soon, according to Pandora radio.

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