Zoho Mail – How to Download the Zoho Mail App

Have you heard of the Zoho mail before? If you haven’t heard of Zoho mail before, I will be surprised and at the same time not be surprised. Do you want to know the reason for this? I will be telling it to you in a bit. The platform is both popular and popular, to say the least. When its popularity, this emailing service platform is one of the top emailing service platforms in the world, but when it comes to usage, that’s when it becomes unpopular.

Zoho Mail - How to Download the Zoho Mail App

Zoho Mail

 Personally I have had access to this platform and I can tell you without a doubt, the platform isn’t that bad. Since I started making use of it, it has been one of my email service providers. There are so many reasons for this. This emailing platform is targeted at professionals mainly although it can be used by anyone. Accessing and making use of this platform is free. There are some additional functions of this platform that costs an additional fee to access. For you to be able to make use of this feature on the platform you have to subscribe to it. The platform offers some feature which no other emailing service provides. I will be listing some of the features to you in the next header.

Features of Zoho Mail

This emailing platform is used by so many people because of the features it offers. If you do not know of the features due to the fact that you have not yet made use of it, you have nothing to worry about. Below are some of the features of the Zoho mail platform

  • This is a free email service platform and it offers users up to 50 GB storage for personal use.
  • You can easily organize your emails with its folders and free form labels.
  • The auto-of-office auto-responder answers emails on your behalf.
  • Its business hosting plans lets users use their mail with their own domains and email.
  • You can use this service to retrieve mails from POP accounts and you can also send from its web interface.

These are some of the services this platform offers. If you want to get more of the features you need to start making use of the platform now.

Zoho Mail Login Inbox

To be able to make use of your Zoho Mail account you have to login to it after logging out. To login to your Zoho Mail account, follow the steps below;

  • Go to Zoho mail Login Page here.
  • On the login page enter your login credentials in the space provided.
  • Enter the sign-in tab.

To remain signed in you should check the “keep me signed in” box.

Zoho Mail Admin

This is also known as the administrator on the Zoho platform. This admin tool on Zoho is the tool with which you can easily control the whole mail platform and how it operates. On this platform, you can verify the domains MX records and also convert email headers to readable formats. You can easily access this platform as long as you have a registered account with them. You do not need any other form of login details to login as logging in to this platform requires your usual login credentials. To login to this platform, visit Zoho Mail Admin.

Zoho Mail App

Users can also get the mobile app for this mail service platform. If you are an android or an iOS device user you can now get the Zoho mobile app on your device thereby letting you access the platform anytime, anywhere. To download this app go to your devices app store, search for the app and tap on the install tab next to the app. Immediately the app will be downloaded and installed to your device.

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